mercredi 6 octobre 2010

Star Wars Pet Costumes

Ok, this is what we can call "Bizarre" but I love the idea. Your pet has the right to ba a Star Wars fan. You can satisfy him for 20€ and have fun with your neigbourghs.

Toyota Black Sewing Machine

Toyota commercializes the JET B224 sewing machine at an affordable 180€ price. It is the single black sewing machine known on the market. Probably because it is the single one targetting younger customers. And probably males as well...
You should try sewing machine, it can help to lower stress.

lundi 8 mars 2010

Weighting Scale / Wifi + iPhone

This design weighting scale is developed by the french company Withings. For about 140€ you can watch your weight everyday on your PC and iPhone.

mardi 2 mars 2010

Air Jordan V

Air Jordan V where first released in 1990 and most of us couldn't afford it. Now you can find it for about 150$. The high-end sneaker by Michael Jordan and Nike.

StyloPhone Beatbox

The Stylophone Beatbox is a mix between a toy and a real instrument. For about 25€, you can play your favorite hip-hop samples as shown on the video.

mardi 23 février 2010

A trip to Parati (Brazil)

Parati is a bit of heaven hidden on Earth, 300 kilometers South of Rio de Janeiro. The city is preserved from mid-age. Beaches are magnificent and the ambiant magical. I would say 600€ for the plane ticket + 25€ by night to live this dream. From here, catch a daily boat to visit wild islands.

504 CC by Pininfarina / Peugeot

It will cost you around 2500€ to ride this wonderfull 504 CC car. It has been released by Peugeot in 1977 and designed by Pininfarina. It think it has been made to drive throught Almafi Coast with your lover when GPS where useless and love was everywhere.

Men handbags by Louis Vuitton

I love Louis Vuitton but Louis Vuitton doesn't love me. I have a wonderfull 20 negative letters collection from LVMH i want to sell on ebay in 50 years. Seriously, why can't i get an interview with them ??? Whatever, let's enjoy the men handbags collection. Perfect companion for good boys. It costs about 700€ each.

Rio Art Museum

Rio Art Museum is a few kilometers away from Copacabana beach, in Niteroi. It has been built by Oscar Niemeyer in 1996 and showcases temporary exhibitions of national artists. $R4 for the entrance fee.

Han Solo in Carbonite by Illusive Concept

This is a 1:1 scale reproduction of Han Solo frozen in the Carbonite, as seen in Return of the Jedi movie. Illusive Concepts made some limited editions you can find for about 3000€ if it fits in your living room.

Lynch & Louboutin Exposition : 3 octobre au 3 novembre 2007

French stylist Louboutin and american film director Lynch exposed in Paris in 2007. Various pictures made by Lynch of Crazy Horse dancers wearing fetish shoes from Louboutin. I know this exposition went to Moscou but i don't know if it is still shown somewhere. Please let me know.

LC4 by Le Corbusier

LC4 is the most famous chair by Le Corbusier. Designed in 1928, perfect representature of a the unique Bahaus style. About 600€

Day Bed by Mies van der Rohe

You probably know the Barcelona seats made by Mies van der Roahe in 1924 for universal exposition. Also, he signed this "Day Bed", perfect for a nap...for about 1400€

Coffee Table by Isamu Noguchi

Isamu Noguchi designed this "Coffee Table" in 1954 for your private pleasure. It becomes a classical design object made of glass and wood. This collectable table can be found for about 2000€.

Manolo Blanhik by Habitat

What is this ? Contempory art ? Modern phone ? Jewel ? No, this design object is stylized by Manolo Blanhik for Habitat. It will help you to put your shoes on and to decorate your living room. About 60€, when you find one.

Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafòn

Please read this one. Carlos Ruiz Zafòn brings you to a thrilling story in the heart of old Barcelona. It exists now in pocket version for 9€ only.

Arcadia by Aoshima

Here is a perfect reproduction of Leiji Matsumoto's Arcadia of Captain Harlock space adventures. Several die-cast versions are available at 1/144 scale: Arcadia, Death Shadow, Queen Emeraldas for about 150€. This not a toy !

Dean by Swear

Rocker, strictly rocker ! Swear london designed those trendy and confortable shoes for urban rockers. Several editions are avalaible in white and black for about 150€

Jackie Kennedy by Gérard Darel

In 1996, Gérard Darel bought the original necklace of Jackie Onassis Kennedy. Since then, he produces it in several colors from white to black, pink, gold... It will cost you about 200€ to feel like a trendy first lady.

Dandy by Chaumet

Chaumet materialized the dandy spirit with his Dandy watch collection. A pure pleasure for gentleman only. Several options are avalaible in leather, gold or onyx. Pricing is from 3500€ to about 5000€

Caïprinha at Coeur Fou, Paris

Le Coeur Fou is one of my best place in Paris to have a drink on friday night. Please have a seat in the lounge just beside the Coeur Fou poster. I asked the boss to sell it to me, unsuccessfully. Have a 6€ Caïpirinha and chat with smart and trendy people around you. 55 rue Montmarte, 75002.

Marshall headphones by Zound Industry

Every guitar player or rockstar wannabe knows Marshall Amplification. This company partnered with Zound Industry to release those headphones in 2010. Nice project. No release date or price is communicated yet.

Pigalle by Christian Louboutin

Every woman should have this model in her dressing. The pleasure to walk and sleep with 13,5cm high heels state of the art by Christian Louboutin is priceless. It costs about 500€ and comes with several nights of lust and pleasure.

Tiger-Shark metal detector by Tesoro

Tesoro makes the best metal detectors. This stylish one costs 735€ and is 50 meters waterproof. In case of founding any treasure, don't forget half is for you and half is for the land proprietary.

Zeiss Cinemizer

Watch your favorite movie or TV serie directy with those Video Glasses. It virtually produce a 150cm wide TV screen for your eyes only. It costs about 350€ and connects to iPhone.

One night at Labriz, Silhouette Island, Seychelles

An idea for next Valentin's day : a 13500€ night at Labriz.
Included :
2 bedroomes each 150 sm
2 bathroomes with stunning bathtubs for 2 and twin showers
Fully equipped private bar and lounge
Pavillion by the swimming pool, ideal location for private meals
Largest private swimming pool in the Seychelles
Direct access to 1km pure private sandy beach
Dedicated butler 27/7
Menus designed by private chief

Barbie Louboutin

This is the hottest doll I know. Barbie stylized by Christian Louboutin. For girl and who want to play Lady. For 160€ this collector model is sold with shoe boxes and 3 pairs of high heels...

Sage Smudge Stick

Did you now indian use to burn this Sage Smudge Sticks as ritual to purify their mind, body and home ? For only 2€, you can add a bit of mysticism to your boring daily life.

2.8 inch TNT DVB-T TV

Remember when you were a child. When you wanted to watch TV hidden in your room. This Chinese manufacturer made it for only 50€. Don't miss any rugby game or your favorite series.

Fatman iTube Valvedock

The best companion for your MP3 player or iPhone.

Try the warm sound of this amp player made by the english maker TLAudio.

Price is about 150€

Alien Shoes

Alexander McQueen is dead, vive Alexander Mc Queen

Please enjoy this picture of his Alien shoes model.
10 inches of pleasure worn by Lady Gaga.

I can't find the price but i am sure they worth it.